The Importance of Consistent Oil Changes

Do you ever wonder when it's the appropriate time to change your Honda's oil? Whether you purchased a new Honda or certified pre-owned vehicle from our dealership, the oil should be a top priority for any car model purchase. In fact, it's the lifeblood of your Honda as you drive around Gaffney or Greer. Evaluate your driving habits, and visit our certified Honda technicians very soon for your next oil change.

For the Average Driver

When you commute from Forest City or Greenville, South Carolina, you could put about 10,000 miles or more on your vehicle each year. For the commuting driver, you should have your oil changed every 5,000 miles or in six month intervals. At our Spartanburg, SC, dealership, your first oil change is free when you purchase a new car from us. Our Customer Care package also offers several other perks, including loaner cars, when you keep up with maintenance at our service department.

Is Your Car Only Driven on the Weekends?

You might have purchased your dream Honda from us, and it's not meant to be a commuting vehicle in your mind. The car is mainly for those road trips on the weekends. In these cases, changing your oil once a year is acceptable. The vehicle may not even be at 5,000 miles yet, but the oil should still be changed. It can begin to clump after a year's time within your oil pan. A fresh oil change lubricates all of the internal engine parts and keeps your ride running smoothly.

The Synthetic Oil Question

Car enthusiasts are always looking for the best oil for their vehicle including synthetic products. Brand new Hondas, for example, don't require synthetic oil because standard products work perfectly well with their moving parts. When your Honda is older, however, synthetic oil is a perfect way to preserve your car's engine. The synthetic components coat the parts evenly throughout the engine to avoid friction and overall wear damage.

Come on down to Vic Bailey Honda for both your purchasing and servicing needs. Our Spartanburg, SC, facility will efficiently change your oil and add any OEM parts that are necessary for your ride. While you're waiting for your vehicle, look around our Spartanburg Honda showroom. With our no-hassle pricing, you might want to think about that next new or used car purchase today.

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