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Whether its replacing your tires, having your tires rotated and balanced, or a more serious repair to your car, our master technicians can get you back in the road in no time, and for a great price. When you drive around Gaffney or Greer, you want to have the safest tires on the road, especially if fog or rain is in the forecast. Take a look at what the professionals suggest for your tire care regimen. Safety must be a top priority for both you and your mechanic.

Average Tire Lifespan

On average, tires can last for about six years. This time period is based on typical driving patterns of around 10,000 miles each year. However, you might have a long commute out of Greenville or Forest City, South Carolina. When you put many more miles than normal on the tires, they'll need to be replaced sooner. Allow our Honda technicians to check your tire tread at each 5,000-mile interval for the safest ride through Spartanburg, SC.

Rotate at Each Oil Change

When you drive on a leisurely basis around Spartanburg, SC, you still need to visit us every few months for a tire rotation. The easiest way to remember when tires must be rotated is by matching the service with an oil change. Every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, bring your car into our service bays for both an oil change and tire rotation. If you bought your car from us, your first oil change is completely free.

Understanding the Balancing Process

Balancing your tires should be a process performed with each rotation service. In fact, it might be necessary to balance your tires more often if you notice wobbling issues along the road. Although it's rare, an unbalanced situation might loosen the tires or cause them to fall off. When balancing a set of tires, technicians place each tire on a special machine and spin it. The machine designates the exact position for every weight so that the tire rotates with a smooth movement. Unbalanced tires lead to uneven tread wear and premature replacement.

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Visit Vic Bailey Honda today for all your service and new Honda and used vehicle needs. We offer certified pre-owned Hondas along with qualified technicians and OEM parts to complete nearly any repair. Our Spartanburg Honda facility also provides you with a Customer Care package. After buying your new Honda in Spartanburg, SC, you'll benefit from free shuttle service, roadside assistance and many other perks. We're here to help you with your tires and any other service need you might have. Schedule service today.

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